Since we are talking about female rappers, let’s also take a look at women in rap who are not behind the mic, but are in front of the camera. These women are usually referred to as video vixens and have become a crucial component of rap videos. A rapper is not legit unless he has dozens of beautiful women crowded around him, at least in his videos. Part of the game is attracting gorgeous women and so rap videos would be incomplete without the video vixens.

The Game featuring Kanye West- “Wouldn’t Get Far”

A video vixen is a woman that is featured in a video to be eye candy for the viewer. Her only purpose is to show off her body and face for the pleasure of those watching. She rarely has any lines but instead uses her body to speak to the camera. Rappers, The Game and Kanye West, reveal just how far video vixens go to become famous in this song. Just like in other rap videos, there are countless attractive women prancing around in front of the camera with just enough clothes on. As you can tell from the lyrics, The Game disapproves of these women. He specifically calls out a few of their names in this song, dissing them for doing “whatever it takes” to gain a position in front of the camera.

Some women have made careers from being featured in rap videos. If you watch enough of the videos, the same faces start to show up. The Game cynically criticizes video vixens for exploiting their looks and bodies yet he hires many to appear in his video. The irony……

It is interesting to think that overtly sexual female rappers can replace these video vixens easily, especially when we consider how they choose to dress and look in their own videos. When you compare video vixens to some female rappers, the image looks similar and there is quite a resemblance. It is not hard to imagine Lil Kim or Foxy Brown as one of those pretty faces that sweeps across the screen in Sisqo’s “The Thong Song” video or 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P” video. Is there a real difference in the way that rap video vixens dress and the appearance of some female rappers?

Rapper Lil Kim….

Estherkimmie kim6 kim5 kimb

Compared to Video Vixen Melyssa Ford….


To be honest, there may be a slight difference between the way rap video vixens and certain female rappers dress, but the sexual look is very similar. I want to make it clear that all female rappers do not dress promiscuosly, but some do. This is also the case for video vixens, but the most famous ones are known for revealing their bodies. In a sense, it doesn’t matter if the females are behind the mic or not. The same image is being given by women who make an appearance on the rap scene. Whether they are on the track or not, women are often reduced to cute faces and nice bodies. The question is: Do female rappers really have a choice in how they depict themselves or are they forced to dress promiscuously to gain acceptance and to be embraced by rap culture?