Sex is at the center of rap and even female rappers have picked up the topic and ran with it. Oral sex is a form of sex that is usually talked about and Lil Kim and Shawnna have dedicated entire songs to indulge on this subject matter. Let’s see just what they to have to say about it.

Here’s a snippet from an interview with Shawnna about the song:

Rappersroom: Your track “Gettin Some Head” is getting crazy spins in clubs & radios…How did this song come about?

Shawnna: My management called me in the middle of the night. The hook was already on the beat. Producer by the name of XL from Chicago, he sent it to my management and they called me like off the chain, like this the one. This is the one we gotta do. Even when I started writing to it? I never really talked about getting some. I just kinda had fun with the record. I thought about it coming on in the club and what would woman want to hear and throw their hands up and going to dance for a little bit. And I guess that was right.

Rappersroom: I remember in a previous article I read about you, you talked about how you try not to rap about sexually explicit things or things that portray woman in a certain way. What is it that made you change your mind when you made this song? (Getting Some)

Shawnna: I really didn’t change my mind. I just felt the beat. I don’t know. I just felt like it was in good faith with my management, cause I really didn’t feel like the song was going to do well, or go to the radio or nothing. I felt like it was a good party joint. A good joint to put on in the car and listen to, but just in good faith I went in there and had fun. I put two verses down and wanted them to go run with it and do what they wanted to do. The content never really got in my head when I was on the song. The beat is one of them beats you want to hop out your ride and bang the alpine, so I wanted a song that you could turn up, if the kid was around you could keep it banging. I didn’t want to get too deep into that. I will rap about explicit things, but I just feel that there is a time and place for it.

In the beginning of the video, there is a sign on the door that reads “NO Children Allowed Unless Being Served.”Shawnna is warning that his song is not appropriate for children, but you will be surprised by how many children know the lyrics and proudly sing along with the song. The most popular part of the song is the infamous hook. Everyone knows about “Gettin Some Head, gettin gettin some head.” What most people are confused about is whether this song is saying that Shawnna is getting the head or giving it. This information could change the way you think about the song.

The song “Gettin Some Head” was a major success and earned a lot of air play. It reached #13 on the Billboard charts for top singles. I read numerous comments on the song and for the most part people really liked it. “The beat was hot” one would say and others commented on Shawnna’s appealing style and flow. The interview reveals that the chorus was already completed when she started working on the track. The chorus is a male’s voice stating that he “was getting some head.” At the end of the chorus, the guy says, “She’s the kinda girl that makes your toes curl.” This would imply that Shawnna is giving head, but then again this is HER song, right?. Shawnna brags about herself in the verses and doesn’t really address who is getting head in the song. This activity is left ambiguous on purpose.

So how does Lil Kim address oral sex…..

“How Many Licks”- Lil Kim

Lil Kim directly speaks about the topic of oral sex without being ambiguous. She holds nothing back. The video is based on the creation of dolls and most of the videos shows how Lil Kim dolls are made for the masses. You can buy your own doll, but she lets the consumer know that “She Doesn’t Satisfy You…..You Satisfy Her.” You can “put her on the grocery list, right next to the whipped cream and box of chocolates.” She comes in a range of dolls just like Barbie. Unlike Barbie, her dolls are designed for men.

I think that it is interesting that Kim chooses to sell and distribute herself as a manufactured product in this video. What does this mean? As we watch the video, we see how the doll is assembled and packaged to be shipped off to the many men who deeply yearn for the doll, like little girls crave for a Barbie doll.

Although these songs choose different routes to discuss the same topic, the songs have one detail in common. These songs are centered around women, but the hooks are done by men. This may not be significant, but I find it ironic that these women chose not to be on the most notable part of their song. Maybe it is more appropriate for men to say these things and have thousands of people? How would the song be different if women, instead of men, were saying such obscene things. Isn’t that a thought?……