Hip Hop music has become very popular within the last decade, appealing to the youth of our country. Hip hop’s  popularity has also made it a target. Numerous listeners have declared hip hop as one of the most sexist genre of music. Most rappers refer to women as hoes and bitches and pimps are usually praised.  There is a theme of  reducing women to sex objects and viewing them only as sexual beings. This chauvenistic attitude has infuriated many women around the world as they constantly see women degraded in rap videos.

 Although most rappers are male, there are female rappers who attempt to have a different message. Some uphold the same views as their male counterparts while others try to empower women. I think that it is interesting to see how these women try to negotiate femininity and rap. Gender is crucial in how the world responds to rappers and what they decide to speak about. Using rap music to defy the negative connotation of hip hop is the challenge that some females decide to take. Whether they are successful is the question and just how successful are they? 


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