Sex is at the center of rap and even female rappers have picked up the topic and ran with it. Oral sex is a form of sex that is usually talked about and Lil Kim and Shawnna have dedicated entire songs to indulge on this subject matter. Let’s see just what they to have to say about it.

Here’s a snippet from an interview with Shawnna about the song:

Rappersroom: Your track “Gettin Some Head” is getting crazy spins in clubs & radios…How did this song come about?

Shawnna: My management called me in the middle of the night. The hook was already on the beat. Producer by the name of XL from Chicago, he sent it to my management and they called me like off the chain, like this the one. This is the one we gotta do. Even when I started writing to it? I never really talked about getting some. I just kinda had fun with the record. I thought about it coming on in the club and what would woman want to hear and throw their hands up and going to dance for a little bit. And I guess (more…)